Online Supplement Sales to the Canadian Market

The sale and use of vitamin and mineral supplements increased by 4 percent during the 2015 calendar year, according to Euromonitor International, an organization that tracks this type of data. The increase in 2015 follows a year of slightly greater growth in 2014. The availability of online supplements Canada is a contributing factor to this increase in supplement sales and usage. Indeed, online is a primary force behind the increase in supplement sales in all of North America.

The Expansion of Online Supplements Canada

The expansion of online supplements Canada has been seen on two fronts. Larger retail merchants have expanded their online presence in the past several years. In addition, these larger online vendors of supplements have enhanced their product lines as well.

During the same time period, an ever-increasing number of smaller, independent retailers of supplement vendors have targeted the Canadian marketplace. These include retailers that focus on specific market niches. These include vendors of organic supplements.

The increase in sales of supplement in Canada, fueled largely by the Internet market, is expected to carry forth through the end of the decade. The estimated total sales of supplements in Canada is expected to reach $1.8 billion in 2020.

Rural Canada

Online supplements Canada vendors have become particularly attractive to people living in rural parts of the nation. These individuals historically have no had ready access to supplements, certainly not with consistency in brick and mortar world stores.

Product Selection

Vendors of online supplements Canada have focused their attention on product line expansion in the past few years. In fact, online retailers are serving as something of marketplace leaders or perhaps even trend setters. By this it is meant that online retailers focused on the Canadian marketplace have an eye towards supplying supplement products that are new to North America. This includes supplement products that are based on Eastern wellness traditions that are still somewhat of limited utilization in the Western Hemisphere, particularly in Canada and the United States.

Ageing Canadian Population

The ageing Canadian population is also driving the demand for online supplements Canada. One of the primary reasons older Canadians are drawn to online supplement retailers is convenience. In addition, older Canadians are trending towards an array of supplements that historically have not been readily available in more traditional brick and mortar world stores, like grocery markets. The increase in number of older Canadians will also serve to drive online sales during the coming decade.

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